Brigid O'Leary - Greeley Hat Works Ambassador 2018

I grew up showing quarter horses under the guidance of Rick Baer in the reining circuits in California. Then attended California State University, Fresno on a NCAA D1 Equestrian scholarship to compete in Reining. I was able to gain two Academic All-American awards and a bachelor in Agricultural Business before moving to Gunnison, CO in 2015.

Now, I manage a small ranch in town, help other ranchers whenever possible, start colts, rope and keep my personal horses tuned up. In the late fall I head to Texas to help a friend who trains cutters, by Christmas I bounce over to California to help Rick Baer for two and a half months, then I make it back to Gunnison in time for calving. It’s a busy schedule but would we have it any other way in this industry!?

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