Rancher, cowboy and family man, Todd McCartney, manages the family’s cow-calf operation alongside his wife, Marianne, and their 5 children.  Located in the rugged rangeland near Throckmorton, Texas, their cowherd is Red Angus based and their ranch horse program’s roots trace back to the infancy of the American Quarter Horse Association. Todd cracks out a few times a year to share with national audiences the techniques and benefits of effective stockmanship, good stewardship and the  western way of life. 
“I wear a beaver lid every day.  I don’t own a cap. Naturally, I need a realy good’n. I’ve discovered that Greeley’s 100% beavers out-last, out-perform, and out-everything any lid I’ve owned.  No foolin’.  And just like good ranch horses, these “Trent Johnsons” get better every day you work ‘em.  And the more you work ‘em, the better they look.  So when you pull one of these Greeleys down, you know you’re wearing something special.  And… so does everyone else.”   

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