Marty Wickham - Greeley Hat Works Ambassador 2018

I'm Marty Wickham I was born in Sterling Colorado, raised in Evans Colorado. All of my growing up I wanted to be a cowboy but being raised in Evans that just didn't happen. I played baseball and football in Junior high and high school. Baseball was my passion so my junior year I focused on baseball. After high school I joined the Army. My M.O.S. was cavalry scout. Which meant I went in front of the front line and located the enemy. I served in Desert shield Desert Storm.

After I got out of the service I started riding bulls. I was just in the amateur circuit. I met my wonderful wife Tammy who had a daughter Jessica. We than had a son together Kolton. I have two grand children a girl Imagin and a boy Brexton from Jessica. After many different jobs I found big game guiding. I love working with the horses and the interaction with the clients. What I enjoy the most is showing them where I work and play the mountains.

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