Cade Chatham, 11 yrs old, has been riding miniature rough stock 4 years. Cade and his 3 sisters are the 4 in C4 Cattle Company, who raise mini buckets bulls and broncscade.

Cade is 2015 #3 mini jr bull rider for miniature world tour, I. 2016 Cade won a world championship in jr mini saddle broncs at IFR 47 in Oklahoma City at the Miniature world Tour finals, in 2017 Cade moved up the ranks in competition to the JrNFR stage during the NFR in Las Vegas and went 6th from 20 riders during the Leals Jr Bullriding Championship.

In 2018 Cade has been invited to an elite group of Mini Bull Riders in the MBR Miniature Bull Riders organized by Chris Shivers and Ciraldo and Lillie Leal which is sponsored by PBR and perform on the PBR stage during intermission and events and for points and standings in which they will compete during The PBR world finals in Las Vegas Nevada October 2018 & also looking for a repeat At JRNFR in Las Vegas I. December 2018, we look forward to representing Greeley Hat works!

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