Clay Everhart

Pro Rodeo Announcer, Clay Everhart has been talking his way to the top ever since he was a little ranch hand growing up in Granada, Colorado. With an appreciation of the cowboy lifestyle and traditions he has participated in ranch rodeos, rodeos, training stock dogs, riding cutting horses and pretty much everything else that involves being outdoors. You will not see him sitting on the fence as he is known for getting the crowds excited and meeting friends where ever he goes. Professionalism is his top priority along with the drive to be a continued success within his field. Clay runs a successful auctioneering business and is an accomplished rodeo announcer, motivational speaker and pipeline welder. With big goals and dreams he has taken on the challenges of announcing CPRA rodeos along with UBBI, ABBI, Thunder on the Prairie Bull Riding as well as many other events, even being able to work with Don Gay. Clayton is learning and is working with the elite in rodeo business after attending the Chad Nicholson Rodeo Announcer’s Seminar. Chad has high standards of professionalism in the rodeo world and he is working with Clayton every step of the way to the top. Having a great rookie year, he was even invited to announce to stage Josh Abbott Band and Granger Smith. Self-driven and strong work ethics keep him striving for his best and gives him the motivation to help others achieve their best as well. Clay has a strong belief in him that this is a people helping people world. With his fun upbeat personality he is rarely without a smile or quick wit and people can’t help but migrate towards him. Excited for what the future holds and honored to be included in the Greeley Hat Works family he looks forward to being an essential part in bringing quality to the rodeo community.

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