Tyler Kippes
Tyler Kippes. He’s everything that is right about America and definitely a REAL American Cowboy.
We’ll get to the arena accomplishments of this young man soon enough – they’re impressive, no, make that “they’re remarkable” – but first meet Tyler Kippes the human-being and can wrap your brain around who he is and what he’s all about because there’s a lot of value for you there.
Tyler was recently just selected THE 2013 COWBOY OF THE YEAR by Real American Cowboy Magazine from among some biggest rodeo cowboys, all who also deserve that recognition.
Still too young to shave, Tyler has thousands of fans, enough buckles to last a lifetime and the heart of a cowboy. Tyler’s life is about being a cowboy – in the best sense of the word. Day in and day out no one could possibly represent cowboy values better than Tyler.
Tyler is a classic cowboy. Simple, polite, clear and focused. When you’re in those states your life will flourish, your performance will be its best, your heart and head will be at peace and your become your ally, you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin, your results will improve exponentially and life will be good. As Tyler’s has.
He knows what being a cowboy is all about – and if he will hold onto that, regardless of how he rides, he will reap the rewards that come from working hard to accomplish something, to make a name for himself and to inspire others to do better in his life.
Now, a short list of Tyler Kippes accomplishments in the arena.
2013 Northwest Mini Bull Finals Junior Division 3rd place
2013 At the Foot of The Cross Steer Riding Reserve Champion
2013 At the Foot of The Cross Fall Fall Series Steer Riding 1st place
2013 At the Foot of The Cross Spring Series Steer Riding 2nd place
2013 Katie and Sean Rodeo Bible Camp Mini Bull Champion
2013 Little Snake River Rodeo Steer Riding Reserve Champion
2013 North Park Never Summer Rodeo Steer Riding Champion
2013 At The Foot of The Cross Bible Camp Mini Bull Champion
2013 MSYG Winter Series Rough Riders Champion
2012 WJRA Winter Series Jr. Steer Riding Champion
2012 Circle A Calf Riding Champion
2012 High Country Stampede Steer Riding Champion
2012 Laramie Jubilee Days Steer Riding Champion
2012 MSYG Year End Calf Riding Champion
2012 World Youth Bull Riding Finals Qualifier
2012 Middle Park Fair Steer Riding Champion
2011 MSYG Year End Calf Riding Champion
2011 Chris Shivers World Mini Bull Riding Qualifier
2011 Greeley Stampede Calf Riding Champion
2011 Laramie Jubilee Days Calf Riding Champion
2011 Unreel Events Mini Bull Riding Champion
2011 Moffat County Fair Mini Bull Riding Champion
2011 Jed Moore Bull Riding School Mighty Munchkin Award
2010 Greeley Stampede Mutton Busting Champion
If you’ll glance back up this list, you’ll see one word over and over again, “CHAMPION” and it’s a word Tyler likes, it’s his standard, it’s who he has decided he’s going to be – it’s just that simple.
Here at Greeley Hat Works, we’re proud of our association with Tyler as his other business partners are and we support him and his commitment in every way.

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