Jesse is manager at Foster Feed Yard, a 36,000 head capacity yard located in the Imperial Valley.  He takes lots of pride working for a fourth generation family farm with more than 62 years of experience raising beef in the desert southwest. Being a second generation employee at the feedyard, he has big footsteps to fill.  His father and three uncles also enjoyed working at the farm for a combined 163 years (43,44,40,& 36).  Among Jesse's fondest memories are working at the yard with many current employees when he was very young.  He reaches for his highest goals with all past and present employees in mind. He's called this same feedlot home and considered the employees as family for the last 17 years.
Jesse enjoys reaching out to the community with proactive presentations on our cattle industry and through social media.  He currently works with other cattle producers communicating with consumers on the importance of beef, not only in our diets, but also what our industry represents financially to our local economy.  He loves stressing the sustainability of our industry, the safety and nutrition of beef and most of all, telling stories of the people in our business.  Jesse has noticed that most of the public wants to know more about the people behind the beef they eat.
He received his BS degree in Ag economics from Fresno State University. Jesse also enjoys raising and showing show cattle with his wife Briana, and daughters Lesly and Cameron. His hobbies include socializing, defending our rural way of life and standing up for our great country.  

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