Frequently Asked Questions

All your hats images have no shape to them, why? [Back to Top]

All our felt hats are built by hand in our Greeley, CO location. When they are finalized, whether they are custom or a stock size hat, they are left in an unshaped state, which we call, Open and Flat. We do this so that we can shape each and every hat to your EXACT liking. That’s why it is very important that when you order a stock hat online that you specify what shape you would like or you can even send us a picture of a hat shape and we can shape it exactly to the picture. After the drying process each hat is re-blocked (making the crown round again) and re-flanged (making the brim flat again). After this step each hat is re-pounced (sanded with special paper meant to lay the nap of the hat back down in the proper direction).  After these steps and another few cooling processes the sweatband is sewn back in the hat with a sewing machine made just for that job. It is re-pressed and cooled again.  The hat is then re-lined with a new satin liner, unless otherwise requested. The hat trim is then sewn back on, by hand.  The hat is then creased by hand and shipped back.  Please remember, each hat is unique, and we cannot guarantee every spot can be removed. Like a shirt, if you wear it all the time and send it in for cleaning after hard use, not every spot will come out every time.  We look forward to working with you....And your hat.  

When sending your hat in please include the following information.  


-contact info

-how the hat currently fits  

-whether we have your head pattern on file or not

-work you would like done We will contact you when the hat is received. 

Can you renovate a hat? [Back to Top]

We do have a full service renovation service for hats from deep cleaning to fixing sweatbands and everything in between. However, not every hat can be renovated depending on the quality of the hat. Please send any renovation questions to

Do you charge to shape a hat? [Back to Top]

If you purchase or have purchased a GHW stock or custom hat there is no additional charge to shape the hat. 

How do I get my hat custom fitted? [Back to Top]
If you are wanting to do this hat as a custom fit for your head and you are not able to stop by our Greeley, Colorado location or any of our Retail Partners, we can still get one made for you. We just need a couple pieces of information:
Firstly, take a fabric tape measure and place it just above your eyebrows (where you like your hat to sit) and slope it down to the back of your head to get an accurate circumference in inches.
Secondly, we need 5 images of your head. One from the front, back, both sides, and an aerial view looking down at the top of your head

How do I order a "Custom Hat" [Back to Top]
All our hats are made by hand in our Greeley, Colorado location. All our hats (shapes, designs, etc.) only show suggestions. The options and possibilities are endless. We are only limited by your budget and time frame. Feel free to mix and match. Take designs and shapes from Classic, Competitor, Beaver20, Beaver Blend, Pure Beaver, and Tycoon. Mix different crowns and brims Just send us an email with your thoughts and we can put them into action.

What are the available hat creases? [Back to Top]


Cattlemen New Quarter Horse


Hand Telescope

Open Road

Pinch Front

RCA Brick Top

What are the TSA regulations regarding hats? [Back to Top]

Click here to Download our TSA postcard

What does it mean to deep clean a hat? [Back to Top]

We have been renovating hats since 1909. The only MAJOR change to our process was changing our solvent in the early 1940's due to regulations.  Each hat is first evaluated and stripped down to soak in our signature petroleum based solvent for nearly a week.  Why do we use a petroleum bases solvent? Your hat is made from hair. Hair naturally has "good" oil in it that helps keep it healthy. Soaking and washing it in our solvent helps rejuvenate and restore the vital "good oils" back into each and every piece of hair your hat is made from.  After it is soaked each hat is washed by hand and then put into our antique hat spinner to remove the excess solvent.  At this point the hat may be re-washed if needed, as many times as needed.  Each hat is then air dried for several days. 

What does it mean to have a custom built hat compared to ordering a stock hat? [Back to Top]

All our custom and stock hats are built by hand in our Greeley, CO location. The difference between having us build a custom hat compared to ordering a stock size hat is that you can choose from any of our qualities and colors for a custom hat and then we use a conformateur to get the exact shape of your head. All the hats you see online are in our stock sizes and a regular oval. All our stock hats are still made by hand so if you don’t see your size online and would like to just order a stock hat, please allow 4-6 weeks. 

What is a "Roadie" Hat [Back to Top]

What is the difference between our qualities and what does each quality mean? [Back to Top]
When it comes to X’s there are no industry standards or government regulations.
That is why it is so important to know the maker of the hat and what THEIR standards are.
For example, one companies 10X could be better than another companies 40X.
X’s were originally used to grade a beaver pelt when shipping it to Europe, to make a standard between old world and new world communications. The bigger and nicer the pelt was, the more X’s were marked on the back.
Jump ahead to the 1940’s and each X was equal to 10 percent beaver and 10 dollars. You could look in a 10X hat and know it was 100 percent beaver and 100 dollars.
Then the big companies started getting wise to the original “X Games”.
More X’s and less quality gave to bigger profits and less quality. You can know buy a 100X, 200X, 500X, and even a 1000X hat!!!
That is why, here at Greeley Hat Works, we don’t use X’s.
Here is what WE make hats out of…
All the blends, weights, and stiffnesses of our bodies are exclusive to us. We have very close relationships with 3 of the top felt makers in the world and have worked in their factories to get our “recipe” just right.
Remember, we only use fine European Hare, blends of European Hare and Beaver, Pure Beaver (belly hair only—no guard hair), and a Beaver and Mink blend.
The more beaver is in the hat it will make the hat more durable, hold its shape better, clean up better, and more weather resistant.
CLASSIC- This is our entry level hat.
This is a European Hare blend that many of our retailer partners compare to other companies 10X to 15X hat.
PURE ROUGHIE- a European Hare blend that is felted with sometimes several colors and finished with shark skin to give the nap a longer finish.
COMPETITOR- This is where our custom hats start and where we offer the most colors
This is better blend of European Hare that many of our retail partners compare to other companies 20X-30X hat.
Beaver20- 20% Beaver Blended with European Hare
This hat is thinner, lighter weight, more weather resistant, and durable.
Many of our retail partners compare this hat to 40X and better
Beaver Blend- 50% European Hare 50% Beaver
Pure Beaver- Just that. Pure Beaver belly hair.
This is our #1 selling hat. A little more expensive up front, but cheaper in the long run. If you ride a horse everyday, you don’t buy a cheap work saddle. Why would you skimp on a hat?
The Tycoon- Our most expensive hat
This Beaver hat is blended with about 20% Mink to give it more luster and a rich feel
It is also important to remember what is inside the hat…
What is next to your skin?
What is absorbing your perspiration?
The sweatband is key!
Many companies use Genuine Synthetic Taiwanese Leather (aka plastic).
Other companies use a “Bonded Leather”. That is like particle board…Sure it is leather (bonded together with glue)
WE ONLY USE the finest hand reeded Roan Leather Sweatbands.
We also offer a High Performance Sweatband that is raw leather and grips more.
Due to the fact that it is “raw” it patina’s and gets darker with wear. That is why it is only offered in our custom hats.

Why does it take so long to build a custom hat? [Back to Top]
It takes nearly 6-8 hours to build a custom hat. But because of all the heating and cooling processes those hours spread out over the course of a week. Some of the larger companies build about 15 DOZEN hats per day. We build about 20 HATS per day! Each hat is hand made. Whether it is custom or a stock hat from us or one of our retail partners every hat gets the utmost attention to every detail
Since 1909, Greeley Hat Works has been creating and renovating fine quality headwear. Just about any kind of hat you can imagine, from traditional working cowboys' hats, to fashion forward cutting edge hats. The things they both have in common is they are all built one at a time, by hand. When you pick up a hat built by Greeley Hat Works, you can feel the difference. It's hard to put into words what that difference is exactly. Maybe it's the finish on a hand built felt hat, velvet soft yet firm. More than likely, it's the things that isn't that make the biggest difference. It isn't made on an assembly line with a "one-size-fits-all mentality". It's built by hand with elbow grease of a skilled hatter using tools and techniques, and sorcery that have been around since the 1800's.
but it isn't just the skill of the hatter that makes a great hat, it also depends on what the hat is made from. It's like the old saying "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear". Nor can you make a great hat from poor materials. Skill and craftsmanship are important, but the integrity of the materials used is the foundation of lasting quality.
With any of the Greeley Hat Works hats you are only limited by your imagination. Your Greeley Hat Works hat is as unique as your signature, so express yourself.