Behind-The-Scenes: Making The NINE7O Spring ’21 Collection

The Greeley Hat Works NINE7O Spring ’21 Collection is a collection that’s very near and dear to our hearts, as we haven’t released a full NINE7O Collection in two years. This collection marks a growth from the cement, a departure from 2020 and all the terrible things it brought with it.

The NINE7O Spring ’21 Collection is meant to remind you about the good things in life.

It’s inspired by our western heritage and new friends and memories we made in 2020, the things we cherish the most.

You’ll find bright pops of color in this collection as well as subdued hues and some old classics like Buckskin and Silverbelly.

Each of the NINE7O Spring ’21 hats that gets boxed up and out the door is touched, shaped, sewn, adorned, and loved on by actual people with families, kids, dogs, and passion before it gets to your head.

Here is a look at some of our hatmakers working on the NINE7O Spring ’21 collection:

We’re very excited for you to see the all the hard work our hatmakers put in to crafting this collection for our customers, and of course Trent’s design work on bringing these hats to life.

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