Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers poses with Greeley Hat Works Owner Trent Johnson

CBS4 Denver: Aaron Rodgers Buys Custom Cowboy Hats at Greeley Hat Works

We make quality hats for quality people. It is our greatest pleasure to sometimes have the opportunity to make quality Greeley hats for rockstars in our community.

Greeley Hat Works In The Media: Yellowstone, Season 3

Yellowstone Season 3 premieres this weekend, and we are so excited to watch another season of the Dutton family battling it out on the Yellowstone. We are honored to be included in the costuming for Season 3, as well as Season 2 and Season 1.

Open for Appointments

Hello, world! We are ready to see you again! (In limited quantities of course.) We are very excited to announce that our showroom is now open for appointments.

We Are Not A One-Man Army

Thank you so much to our incredible community for coming together during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are all in this together. We are not a one-man army.

My Greeley: Trent Johnson

Thank you, MyGreeley, for featuring Owner Trent Johnson and Greeley Hat Works this month!

#HATitude® 101: Hat Sizing Guide

If you aren’t able to get The Greeley Experience in person, this will get you pretty close to the correct hat size at home.

#HATitude® 101: Hat Qualities

When it comes to quality there are no industry standards or government regulations. Because of a lack of government regulations, it’s important to know who made your hat and what their standards are. Every hatmaker is different.

#HATitude® 101: Hat Shape

If this is your first time choosing which shape you’d like to have, just remember, these are our most popular hat shapes and any face shape will look great underneath these hats.

Greeley Hat Works In The Media: Yellowstone, Season 2

Our favorite television show from Paramount Network, Yellowstone, is back for Season 2 and we are celebrating the inclusion of Greeley Hat Works custom hats in this second season!

Farm to Fashion

Have you heard of the term “Farm to Table?” We are re-inventing that term just a touch with C3 (as we so lovingly call our third child) and replacing it with “Farm to Fashion.”