Caring For Your Straw Hat

If you’re a straw Western-style hat wearer, then you know the importance of taking care of your hat. A straw hat is a great summer accessory, but it’s also important to protect it from the elements so that it lasts for seasons to come. Here at Greeley Hat Works, we want to help our customers care for their straw hats the right way. In this blog post, we’ll provide some helpful tips on how to keep your straw hat in good condition!

Try to Avoid Cleaning With Liquids

Straw hats can be quite delicate, and it’s important to avoid using liquids when cleaning them. Liquids can cause the straw to swell and warp, which will change the shape of your hat. Instead of waiting until your hat is dirty to attempt to clean it, try using a clean, dry cloth to wipe away dirt, dust, and particles as you see them. For minor cosmetic scuffs, a gum eraser may be used to softly buff or rub them away.

So what happens with sweat or other types of stains? Before adding any liquid to the mix, try dusting the stained area with talcum powder or cornstarch. To remove a perspiration stain, apply the powder directly to the sweat spot, wait a few hours for it to absorb the liquid, then wipe it away. If this tactic doesn’t work, you may need to move on to a liquid solution.

Spot Cleaning With Liquids

If you must use a liquid to clean your straw hat, it’s important to spot test an area of the hat first. To do this, apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to an inconspicuous area of the straw and wait a few minutes to see if any color change or damage occurs. If all looks well, proceed with cleaning the rest of the hat. When using a liquid cleaner, be sure to apply it sparingly and never soak the straw. Allow the hat to air dry completely before wearing it again — just remember not to dry your hat in direct sunlight.

How to Store Your Straw Hat

When you’re not wearing your straw hat, it’s important to store it properly to keep it in good condition. The best way to store a straw hat is on a hat stand or hook. This will help the hat retain its shape and prevent crushing. If you don’t have a hat stand or hook, you can also try storing your straw hat upside down on a flat surface. Never store your straw hat in a plastic bag, as this can cause the straw to become brittle and break.

We hope these tips help you keep your straw hat looking great for the seasons to come! If you have any questions about caring for your straw hat or need help finding the perfect one for you, stop by Greeley Hat Works today! We’ll be happy to assist you. 

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