Custom Cowboy Hat FAQs: Part Two

In an earlier blog entry, we gave some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Greeley Hat Works. In today’s blog entry, we’ll answer a few more! If you have questions that haven’t been answered here, reach out. We would love to hear from you!

What does custom mean? Can I choose what color and shape my custom cowboy hat will be?

When we say custom, we mean custom. From the kind of materials to the color of those materials, to the size and shape. It’s your hat and it should be uniquely yours

Do I need to break in my new cowboy hat?

No, you do not need to break in your new cowboy hat. It will be ready to wear right out of the box! That being said, it is fairly common for a new hat to feel a little stiff compared to other hats, but that will change as the hat heats up and starts forming to your head.

Can I wear my cowboy hat in the rain?

Yes, you can wear your cowboy hat in the rain. Getting the brim wet could affect its shape, but it is always possible to have a brim reformed in order to restore it back to the way it was before it was exposed to the rain.

How should I store my cowboy hat?

Ideally, you should store your cowboy hat in a climate-controlled environment. Avoid storing it under the bed or in the attic, as extreme heat and cold may cause damage to your custom cowboy hat.

If you’re in Greeley, please stop by our custom cowboy hat store. We would love to talk to you about what you want your hat to look and feel like, and we can take very accurate measurements to ensure that the pattern we use to create your hat is as close to your head shape and size as possible. We also have cowboy hats that are ready to ship if you want your local hat store to shape it for you.

Michael Koethe

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