Farm to Fashion

Have you heard of the term “Farm to Table?” We are re-inventing that term just a touch with C3 (as we so lovingly call our third child) and replacing it with “Farm to Fashion.”

Take a good look friend, C3 truly encapsulates a young business mogul.

C3 is no slouch. At 14 years old she earns her keep by raising award-winning chickens and turkeys for 4-H, a huge part of the Western Industry and Agriculture Heritage. 

Entrepreneurs themselves, C3 learned the value of time and a dollar from her parents, so she decided to take her Farm lifestyle to Fashion. She categorizes feathers she collects from her chickens into 3 categories: small, medium, large, and subcategories:  color, luminosity, etc.  Knowing her father is in the market for one-of-a-kind feathers for one-of-a-kind hats, C3 saw an opportunity in her beautiful birds’ feathers. 

You can guess what happens now, C3 charges her Dad for each feather.

While C3 has taken a note from her parent’s entrepreneurial playbook of “thinking outside of the hat box” to form her own business and help her dad, you to get to enjoy the fruits of her labor as well.

When ordering a hat with Greeley Hat Works, whether it is a custom order or from the NineSevenO Collection, each feather in your hat is farm-raised and one of a kind.


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