Freshin’ up your felt

Many Cowgirls must wear accessory is their hat. With hat fashion ever-changing a couple of trends have taken the hat community by storm this year. Interchangeable hat bands have become a sleek and stylish way to switch up your look. As quick and simple as putting on your boots on, you can change the look and feel of your hat daily.

Photo: Kristen Sublette

From beaded, to leather, to blingy, to ribbon, Greeley Hat Works has followed suite in this trend. GHW has added hats to their collection with hat bands snug enough to stay on but are easy to change out, they also started carrying a larger variety of hat bands to complement their hats.

Trent Johnson, CEO of GHW, says he’s also seeing a shift bright colors to earth tone felt hats. These soft colors still provide a pop of color while also adding a posh and sophisticated feel.

Having the right hat can make any outfit absolutely glamourous. So what makes a perfect hat? “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve never made a perfect hat,” Trent replies.

Making a hat perfect is more about making the person wearing it glow with confidence than it is about the hat. It’s about listening to what the person wants for a hat and then designing and shaping a hat that suites them and their needs, adds Trent. “When the customer has ownership in helping design their hat… that’s when the hat gets perfect, when you see that smile on their face,” says Trent.

 As hat fashions are constantly evolving Greeley Hat Works stays on top of their custom hat game. Bringing everything from the trendiest felts to the most traditional straw hats, customized specifically for their customer. You can find everything you need from unique hat bands to a sleek new earth tone felts, shop our collection, here.

Kristen Sublette

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