Friday The 13th

Limited Edition Hat

What comes to mind when you think Friday the 13th? Scary movies, tattoos, superstition, hockey masks, well how about HATS!

Tim Costello, Front of House Manager at Greeley Hat Works has conjured up his second release of the limited edition Friday the 13th hat.

This hat was created with a fine attention to detail. The hat body is a fine Mink and Beaver blend, known as the tycoon. The hat itself is as black as a moonless night, with deep crimson red double welt stitching around the brim, TJ7 satin red liner, and a black leather sweatband complete with the edition number printed in a lustrous red.

This hat is a must have for any hat collection, these are the final 13 black tycoon hat bodies in stock. This particular hat body was discontinued over a year ago with no plans for making new ones in the future.

This hat has a limited size run and quantity. 13 of these noteworthy hats have been created, each numbered on the sweatband (pictured below).

Every Friday the 13th Tim goes through the raw materials in the production facility and picks out hat bodies that are either discontinued or rarely used to create the special edition. Once Tim found this velvety black hat body he had to add some subtle pops of color. The bursts of red with the stitching are minute but add to the overall alluring finish. This hat would not be complete without the “Good Luck” silver buckle and our signature sterling silver Greeley Hat Works pin.

The tycoon hat body is one of the most expensive hat bodies ever carried at Greeley Hat Works. Usually priced between $1,700-$1,800 this limited edition is priced to sell at $1,313. You can view the Friday The 13th Limited Edition hat here.

Kristen Sublette

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