#HATitude® 101: How To Brush Your Hat

It’s important to take care of your #HATitude® when you’re not wearing it. Part of that job is making sure you keep your custom cedar pattern in your hat when you’re not wearing it, and the other part of the job is brushing your hat regularly to make sure you’re keeping dust and any debris off of it.

In every purchase at Greeley Hat Works, you get the rules and regulations on how to take care of your hat. In case you’ve lost your card, or have forgotten, here they are.

If you’re brushing your light colored hat, always use a light colored brush. The same goes for dark hats, use a dark colored brush.

Brush the hat in the same direction the hair, or the nap, is laid down when the hat is made.

Brush the top of your hat counter-clockwise. Brush the bottom of your hat clockwise.

An easy way to remember which way to brush is to remember “countertop” (like a kitchen countertop), stands for “Brush the TOP of your hat COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.”

If your #HATitude® is in need of a more serious cleanup job, send it back to our Showroom in Greeley, CO and our Renovate Team will get it back to looking good as new. Just give us a call at 1.888.FOR.A.HAT to find out the timeline for your hat renovation.


4 responses to “#HATitude® 101: How To Brush Your Hat”

  1. Sharon Lucey says:

    I didnt recieve a cedar block with my hat. how do I get one. I purchased it from Stone Feather Road in Cedar Falls Iowa at the NFR trade show in Fort Worth.

    • Madison Cleo says:

      Hey Sharon! Thanks so much for purchasing! We’d love to make you a cedar. Please reach out via our Contact form on the website, and one of our sales staff will get right with you: https://greeleyhatworks.com/contact/ Or, you can call 1.888.FOR.A.HAT to speak to someone directly about ordering one.

  2. Deborah LaVacca-Bove says:

    where can I purchase a cleaning brush/kit for our hats

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