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Trent Johnson, the owner of Greeley Hat Works and alumnus of the Pueblo School District 60, is contributing in big ways to popular films and television shows. His custom hats have been featured in a number of hit series and movies, most notably Yellowstone, starring Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner. Learn more about how Johnson found a love for creating western hats, and create your custom hat with Greeley Hat Works today!

A Childhood Passion

As a child growing up in Pueblo, Colorado, Johnson developed an obsession with western hats. He was fascinated by the way his grandfathers would put on a hat before they left the house, no matter where they were going. As his friends began collecting sports cards and video games, Johnson began collecting western hats. Johnson also had an entrepreneurial spirit and created his own lawn-mowing business with a lawn mower leased from his parents. He used funds he acquired by selling the business to help pay for his education at the University of Northern Colorado in the business school but decided to become a teacher instead. After he determined he did not want to spend his career in this classroom, Johnson really tapped into his passion and began learning the craft of hat-making at the Orr Ranch.

Making a Career Out of His Love for Hats

After apprenticing for three and a half years, Trent used his skills, entrepreneurial drive, and business knowledge to purchase Greeley Hat Works in 1996. When he connected with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan fifteen years ago, he never imagined he would one day be supplying custom hats for a show as popular as Yellowstone. Using only the finest materials and specific details he’s noted about each character, Johnson creates custom hats based on personality and lifestyle.

Greeley Hat Works Today 

Today, Greeley Hat Works creates custom hats for various individuals and organizations who desire a unique western look. With the help of his team, Johnson has created thousands of custom cowboy hats in all shapes, sizes, and colors — it’s no wonder he was selected to be an exclusive hat maker for the cast of Yellowstone. Johnson aims to create a sense of community right here in Colorado by continuing to connect with community members who are in need of their very own custom cowboy hats.

Create Your Very Own Custom Hat

Thanks to Johnson’s talent and passion, Greeley Hat Works is a popular destination for custom hats today! If you’re looking to add a high-quality, meaningful hat to your collection, look no further than our custom hat shop in Weld County!

For those looking to add a western hat to their wardrobe, Greeley Hat Works has you covered. From custom hats and cowboy belts to custom leather accessories and purses and wallets, Johnson’s team is ready to create the perfect look with quality and craftsmanship that is unparalleled in the industry. You can trust that you’ll always look your best with a custom western hat from Greeley Hat Works! Visit us today and create your own custom hat.

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