Meet the Maker- Cassey Patrick

We are celebrating our two year anniversary with Cassey Patrick today! Cassey is 29 years old and resides in Greeley, Colorado. She is the Lead of our Trim Department, which means she spends her days managing a team to help complete hats in their final stages of production. Cassey and her team customize and sew sweatbands, sew in liners, make ribbons and hat bands, place any notions (metal studs, rhinestones, conchos, etc.) on the hats. They play a big role in customizing the final product.

Cassey started sewing at her previous job where she worked with developmental and intellectually disabled adults. They found a sewing machine at The Arc and she started creating things with them, saches, teddybears, and blankets. Cassey says she can pretty much figure out how to make anything she wants to now.

When describing the environment of Greeley Hat Works Cassey calls it, “organized chaos,” she loves coming in everyday and doing something different. The tool she couldn’t work without is her needle and thread, which she uses constantly.

Cassey is particularly talented at turning Trent Johnson’s (Creative Vision Officer) vision for a hat into reality. She loves to customize hats. Her favorite custom hat she has done to date was embroidering a Zia with leather into the crown of a hat (pictured left). 

Cassey wants every customer to know, “How much sweat and how much passion goes into each hat from every single person that touches it. I feel like that’s lost on a lot of people, they get our quality… but I wish they knew how much passion went into it but also that they can do so much more than just a standard cowboy hat,” she said.

Cheers to two years Cassey! If you have purchased a hat from us in the past two years you now know one of the people that made it just for you.

You can read the article Calf News published on Cassey here.

Article & photos by: Kristen Sublette


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