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Why does the city of Boulder want to ban the sale of Cowboy Hats?

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you may have already heard about the current issue circling through Instagram and Facebook this month. There are plans to vote on an “anti-fur sale measure” that will be up on the Boulder Ballot this Fall, 2021. This question was brought to Boulder’s attention by a group called Fur-Free Boulder.

What this prohibition will do:
(1) It shall be unlawful to manufacture, sell, display for sale, distribute, or trade for monetary or non monetary consideration any Fur or Fur Product in the City.

What this prohibition will not extend to:
(1) Indigenous peoples (as defined by state and federal law)
(2) Used fur or fur products (in thrift stores, etc.)
(3) Leather, lamb and sheepskin, cowhide, taxidermy, or dog and cat fur

Business owner Laurel Tate, of Two Sole Sisters Shoe Shop, heads up the official opposition group, NO on 301: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Laurel states that sponsors of this measure “have been involved at the state level wanting to legislate anti-agriculture and anti-livestock across the state.”

Business owners and Partners of Greeley Hat Works, John Woodward of John Allen Woodward and Cate Cosler of Royal Stag Hats, also do business in Boulder, CO and stand with the opposition group.

It’s pointed out in recent articles, YahooFinance and Eastern Progress, that an organizer with Fur-Free Boulder named Lucy Heller “isn’t aware of any businesses that manufacture or sell new fur products, so there wouldn’t be a direct impact on any local businesses currently in operation.” As the Daily Camera says, (in the best take on this issue), the measure does not distinguish between farm-raised fur and wild-trapped or caught animals, and so may conflict with state law.

If people didn’t want to buy fur, then I wouldn’t be selling fur, but they want to buy it. I have customers that buy fur.

Laurel Tate, Business Owner at Two Sole Sisters

The City of Boulder moves to ban the sale of cowboy hats and other accessories that contain any use of fur. (NO on 301) Nearly all fine hats that you see people wearing are fur felt. This would also ban UGGs and other products containing any amount of fur!

John Allen Woodward, Business Owner at John Allen Woodward

We are supporting small businesses in boulder. We have friends and small businesses in boulder that are basically working and sleeping behind enemy lines.

Trent Johnson, Business Owner at Greeley Hat Works

Greeley Hat Works stands with our friends, partners, and small businesses everywhere in the state of Colorado to oppose this measure and say NO to 301. Hat makers and other small business alike are 100% dependable on animal hair products. If this measure is approved, their shops in Boulder, CO will go out of business by January, 2022. If you or another business owner have more information on Ballot Measure 301, please don’t hesitate to contact our store, directly.

To learn more about this measure and to help show support to our friends, please like and follow our retail partners located in Boulder, CO:

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