The “Fit Kit”

Every hat company uses a different scale when it comes to building hats. At Greeley Hat Works, we have Fit Kits available if you are unable to get fitted for a Greeley Hat Works hat in person. Who doesn’t want to custom fit their own western hat by themselves? If this sounds like something you would be interested in, read below to learn more about it!

What Is the Fix Kit?

The Fix Kit is a metal wire that you place on your face where your hat would sit. You can use it to determine how tight or loose you want your hat to fit. It’s super simple to use, stop by our hat shop in Greeley today to pick yours up and get started on creating your own cowboy hat today!

How To Use the Fix Kit

It’s quite simple really—and all from the comfort of your own home! You’ll first determine how you like to wear your hat on your head. Next, you have to take the metal wire and line up the black line with your nose to center your line. Once the wire is where you like it, twist the ends together. This will ensure your hat isn’t too loose or tight. You’ll then link the wire behind your head and pull it through the other side. Once you have the wire where you want it, twist the ends together. You can now put your hat on and adjust it to the fit that you created with the Fit Kit!

Why People Love the Fix Kit

Many times when people buy a western hat, they’re not considering the fit on their head. To us, that’s one of the most important aspects of any great hat. People love our Fit Kit because it’s a great way to make sure your hat is always sitting in the perfect spot on your head. It’s also a great way to find out what size hat you need.

How To Get Your Hat Custom Ordered

Once you complete all the steps with your Fit Kit. You’ll want to make sure all the information is filled out correctly. Place the card stock back into the envelope by itself and then stick the return label over the original label. Next, you’ll bring it back to our hat shop! Once you do that, we will get started on creating your perfect custom hat.

Finding your perfect hat size can be a challenging and frustrating process. Our priority is ensuring that you get the western hat of your dreams. By starting with the Fit Kit, you’ll be on your way to wearing your perfect size custom hat for years to come! Contact us today with any questions!

Michael Koethe

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