The History of the Conformator

Every year, Greeley Hat Works puts on The Greeley Hat Works Trunk Show, which is a great way to see the latesThe Greeley Hat Works experience all starts with the conformateur, an antique unique French tool. Many hatmakers lack the use of this tool and it makes all the difference. Finding a hat is hard enough, but finding the correct size that fits uniquely to your head is even more difficult. No one has the same size head, and many times this will lead one to end up not wearing the hat often. A tight or lose hat is never desirable. Learn more about the famous Conformator and how it made Greeley Hat Works all the better!

What Is the Conformator?

The Conformator is a circular device that looks like a hat and is best known as a head-measuring machine. It is placed on your head to determine the specific shape, subtle distinctions, and centerline measurement. It creates a pattern ⅙ the size of your head. This allows Greeley Hat Works to create a hat that is unique to your dimensions.

Invented By Allie Maillard

One of the best parts of the Trunk Show is the opportunity to get a custom hat fitting from Trent. He will hWith the rise in popularity over the years, many people wonder who created the conformateur. It was originally invented in 1843 by a Parisian-based hat maker Allie Maillard. Since her creation, it has been recorded to be the most reliable way to translate the fit of a custom hat into the exact shape of a person’s head.

Why Was It Created?

Wondering why the Conformator was created? It was originally created to help hatmakers make western hats and cowboy hats that fit their customers perfectly. Maillard’s invention quickly caught on among hatmakers in the Western United States, who used it to make cowboy hats. Many people enjoyed using this tool as it gave them the hat of their dreams—one that was a perfect fit. 

Changed Western Hat Industry

The conformateur changed the Western hat industry, and Greeley Hat Works is proud to continue the tradition of using this unique tool to make custom Western hats. If you’re looking for a Western hat that fits you perfectly, look no further than right here in Greeley!

The conformateur is still used today by some of the best Western hatmakers in the business. If you’re in the market for a custom-made Western hat, be sure to find a hatter who uses a conformateur—like Greeley Hat Works. You’ll be glad you did!

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