The History of the Conformateur

What Is the Conformateur?

The Conformateur is an antique French tool created in the 19th century. It is a circular device that looks like a hat, the conformateur is placed on your head to determine the specific shape, subtle distinctions, and centerline measurement. It creates a pattern ⅙ the size of your head.

Invented By Allie Maillard

With the rise in popularity over the years, many people wonder who created the conformateur. It was originally invented in 1843 by a Parisian-based hat maker Allie Maillard. Since her creation of the conformateur, it has been recorded to be the most reliable way to translate the fit of a person’s unique hat shape into a custom fitting hat.

The small paper pattern holding the unique head pattern is then place into the center of the Formillion to emulate the true size of your head, which is then used to create the custom fit for your hat! The Formillion is also used to create custom cedar patterns that stay inside your hat when you’re not wearing it to maintain the shape.

Changed Western Hat Industry

The conformateur changed the Western hat industry, and Greeley Hat Works is proud to continue the tradition of using this unique tool to make custom fitted hats. If you’re still looking for that one hat that fits you perfectly, stop by Greeley Hat Works today to get custom fitted for the hat of your dreams!

The conformateur gives us the perfect pattern of your head, which allows us to make your hat fit your head perfectly. When your hat fits perfectly, it becomes an extension of you. We call this #hatisfaction®.

To learn more about how we at Greeley Hat Works use the conformateur, give us a call or visit The Greeley Experience page located on our website!

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