The Yellowstone Effect: How Our Custom Hats Are Taking Off

Premiering on June 20, 2018, the American neo-Western drama television series Yellowstone took the television and film world not so much by storm, but more by thundering horseback. And while the show enjoys immense popularity among fans to this day, Yellowstone’s meteoric rise in public prominence had another effect: kicking up new interest in American heritage accessories.At Greeley Hat Works, we know a little bit about the American cowboy hats so often featured on Yellowstone — after all, we’ve been making them for over 100 years. Read on to learn more about our custom hats and western hats, or simply shop our inventory today!

Demand is Rising

The characters of Yellowstone can often be spotted on-screen with their iconic American cowboy hats, which has helped renew interest in these iconic pieces of western wear. The classic American cowboy hat comes as part of our made-to-order Yellowstone collection, which is stocked with iconic American cowboy hats, custom hats, and other western hats for daily wear.

Every Customer is a New Collaboration

Every customer is a collaboration. When you shop for custom-made American cowboy hats with Greeley Hat Works, you’re working with experienced hat makers who bring well over 100 years of experience to the industry.  We do custom, made-to-order hats for our customers, and even got the chance to build the set pieces for the iconic characters of Yellowstone, such as our Kayce Dutton-styled custom hat.

For the Fans

When we say “made-to-order”, we mean it. Our made-to-order custom hats are for the fans. Take our Made-To-Order Rip Wheeler. Fans will recognize it as Cole Hauser’s hat for Season 1 of Yellowstone — and it was a doozy to make. For each of our fine fur-felt hats, it takes between seven to nine months for everything to come together, making any of our custom hats a must-have for Yellowstone megafans.

The Greeley Experience

At our Greeley custom hat shop, we’re proud to set hat making back over 100 years, because we believe that back then, things were made with quality and care — two of our core values as western hat manufacturers. You won’t find any machines made after 1950 in our custom hat shop, but what you will find is a small team of dedicated leather workers, tailors, and other artisans who are helping to keep this beautiful American fashion tradition alive for the next generation.

Ready to shop custom hats or made-to-order western hats from the show Yellowstone? Shop Greeley Hat Works today, and pick from ready-to-ship, or made-to-order Yellowstone Hats!

Michael Koethe

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