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What To Expect  

Greeley Hat Works Creative Vision Officer, Trent Johnson, sets up shop at one of our retail partner stores for 1-2 days. During that time he will be providing customers with The Greeley Experience. Not only will you get custom fitted for a Greeley Hat Works lid, but you will also have the opportunity to create your dream hat with the help from Trent. So, whether you’re looking for a new hat, your first hat, or just want to learn more about Greeley Hat Works, be sure to check out our next Trunk Show!

Custom Hat Fitting

One of the best parts of the Trunk Show is the opportunity to get a custom hat fitting from Trent. He will help you find the perfect hat that fit your style. Don’t guess about your hat size anymore or wear a hat that are two sizes too big for you. Schedule an appointment now at Greeley Hat Works or at our next Trunk Show to create your very own #HATisfaction®.

Design Your Own Hat

If you’ve always wanted the chance to custom design your very own cowboy or fashion hat, now is your chance! One of the unique features of the Trunk Show is the ability to design your hat to fit your style. Whether that maybe for working on a ranch, going to the rodeo, or a night out on the town. Trent will work with you to create a custom hat that reflects the design and colors you’re looking for. Impress your friends and family with a hat you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime. 

In addition to custom hat fittings, you will also have the chance to learn about the history of Greeley Hat Works and the hard work that goes into making every single hat. This is also a great opportunity to get a feel for the different hat styles and find the perfect one for you.

You won’t want to miss a fun time at any of our Greeley Hat Works Trunk Shows. You can find all the information you need on locations and details here!

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