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Since 1909, Greeley Hat Works provides not only a service, but an outlet of personal expression for anyone interested in wearing a hat. From politicians and celebrities to ranchers and fashionistas, we provide the highest quality products and impeccable customer service to all walks of life.

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How It Started


Originally called The Shining Parlor, the company was founded by two Greek brothers in Greeley, Colorado.


The shop was remodeled and renamed to Greeley Hat Shop & Shining Parlor. Simultaneously, the company expanded into Fort Collins.


The hat industry started to change as did the company’s clientele. The hat styles went from fashion-inspired to everyday functioning.


Susie Orr purchased the shop and revitalized the original structure of the business and Greeley Hat Shop started creating and designing custom hats once again. She closed the storefront and moved hatmaking to her family ranch.


Trent Johnson started as an apprentice for Orr. Two years later, Johnson convinced her to reopen a shop in downtown Greeley at 826 9th Street Plaza.


Johnson purchased the shop from Orr. He renamed it Greeley Hat Works with the intention to uphold the legacy of his predecessors.

There are very few things that have changed about Greeley Hat Works since it was established, other than owners. The company uses traditional Parisienne hat-making tools that the shop coined “retro-tech” to build each and every hat.



As a kid, Trent Johnson didn’t collect baseball cards, he collected hats. “On a family holiday to the grand opening of Epcot,” says Trent. “I took hats home as souvenirs from all the different world booths—a fez hat from Morocco, a beret from France, a ‘bobby hat’ from London—that’s kind of not normal.”

As the 4th Hatmaker to own Greeley Hat Works, Trent is a creative force and passionate artist. He is the definition of an entrepreneur, trend-setter, and move-and-shaker, but the most important things in his life are people. Many of his close friends and customers would go so far as to feel that they are family, too. Trent challenges the people in his life to constantly aspire for greatness and never accept the standard. Always original, never boring. A rebel blazing a trail to quality handmade hats. Everyone deserves to experience #HATisfaction®."

Since then, Trent’s love of hats has only grown. From the day that Trent bought Greeley Hat Works in 1996 to today, his work and the name of the shop have only become more prolific and well-known. Over the years, Trent has made it his mission to provide excellent hats for the everyman.

“From the guy who’s saved up his paycheck working at the feedlot, to the guy who just sold his high-tech business, you can see the pleasure on their face when they put on the finished hat. That moment is as cool as being in the White House.”

And Trent would know. Beginning in 2002, Trent has had the privilege of building several hats for President George W. Bush. From there, he began outfitting custom hats for many dignitaries, celebrities, movies and television shows, and politicians.

Using the same tools since the day the company opened, Greeley Hat Works continues a legacy of hand-crafted, high-end hat making. By focusing on quality and customer service, Trent has built Greeley Hat Works one step at a time through handshakes, meetings, and making sure Greeley Hat Works keeps the feel of a smaller company.