Greeley Hat Works launches Still Western campaign, highlighting the diversity of the custom western and fashion hats the hatters create.

News Release: Still Western. Since 1909. Greeley Hat Works Launches Values Focused Campaign.

GREELEY, CO – Greeley Hat Works looks to highlight simplistic values of the west with the launch of, “Still Western. Since 1909.” campaign, featuring the traditional processes still used in their custom hat production.

The new “Still Western. Since 1909.” campaign is founded on the values of simplicity, courage, integrity and dedication that cowboys have lived by throughout history. Much like the hats crafted at Greeley Hat Works, the campaign highlights the diversity within western lifestyle and fashion trends.

“Still Western stands for the kind of values that cowboys have been living by for as long as anyone can remember,” C.reative V.ision O.fficer Trent Johnson said. “The world keeps changing around a cowboy, but some things never do – like his principles, and his love for a good hat.”

Featured in the “Still Western. Since 1909,” campaign is an in-progress update to various areas of the Greeley Hat Works brand, including to their showroom, to be launched later this year. Production at Greeley Hat Works will maintain their use of a multitude of traditional hat making techniques. 

Known for making custom headwear for both western lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts, Greeley Hat Works offers customized headwear appropriate for a multitude of occasions and cultures. Notable individuals seen wearing the custom hats include the cast members of Paramount’s hit television series Yellowstone, NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and more.

Founded in 1909, the hat shop was originally a local shining parlor. Johnson became the fourth owner of Greeley Hat Works in 1996. Johnson has maintained traditional techniques and practices in all areas of his business, including using a French-designed tool, called a conformateur. The conformateur measures the shape and size of an individual's head to get the perfect custom fit.  You can learn more about the history of Greeley Hat Works and their traditional practices here. 

The shop offers both ready-to-ship and custom hats, with qualities ranging from European Hair to Pure Beaver. All of the Greeley Hat Works felt hats are made on sight, by true hatters. 

“At Greeley Hat Works, we’ve been Western since 1909. And that’s something to tip your hat to,” Johnson said.

Those looking to schedule their custom hat creation appointments can do so on the Greeley Hat Works website. 

Those outside of the immediate Greeley area can keep up to date with Johnson’s travel schedule here. 


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