#HATitude® 101: Hat Sizing Guide

Size Does Matter

When it comes to ordering a hat online or walking in to a hat store, it’s helpful to know what size you wear.

We recommend you come by the Greeley Hat Works showroom to get a custom measurement, The Greeley Experience. You can learn more on that below, but if you aren’t able to stop by or catch Owner Trent Johnson at a Trunk Show or conference, this will get you pretty close to the correct size at home.

Determining Your Hat Size


  • Cloth tape measurer
  • OR 30” string and ruler

How to Measure: 

Place the string or tape measurer around your heat about ⅛” above your ear, across the mid-forehead, all the way around your head. You don’t want it too tight, as your hat will be uncomfortable, just snug. 

Now mark the place where the end of the string meets the middle (ish) of the string, or mark the spot where the tape measurer comes together. 


Now use the chart below to determine your approximate head size. 

The Greeley Experience

This will help you determine a baseline for your head size. When you get the chance, come by Greeley Hat Works, or make an appointment with Trent at a Trunk Show near you to get The Greeley Experience.

It all starts with the conformateur, an antique French tool created in the 19th century. A circular device that looks like a hat, the conformateur is placed on your head to determine the specific shape, subtle distinctions, and centerline measurement. It creates a pattern ⅙ the size of your head.

The conformateur gives us the perfect pattern of your head, which allows us to make your hat fit you perfectly. When your hat fits perfectly, it becomes an extension of you. We call this #HATisfaction®.

If you can’t make it to Greeley Hat Works to get The Greeley Experience, please visit one of our Premier Partners who use the same techniques we do with a conformateur from our collection: 

+ Frontier Western Shop
+ Herb’s Hat Shop – Blanco, TX
+ Maverick Fine Western Wear
+ Outpost Western Store
+ PFI – Big Spur Hat Company
+ Stages West
+ The Hat Lady

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