Our ReCraft Services

Greeley Hat Works has been providing cleaning, shaping, and renovation services to well-loved hats for years. If your #HATitude® is in need of a more serious cleanup job, send it back to our Showroom in Greeley, CO and our Renovate Team will get it back to looking good as new. Whether the hat is in need of being re-shaped, a good cleaning, or a complete renovation. Greeley Hat Works has you covered.

Schedule an appointment, stop by the shop, or ship your hat to the store. Appointments are always preferred and allow the Front of House team to dedicate their time to you while you are in the shop. If you cannot book an appointment feel free to drop-in and you will be helped when staffing is available.

If shipping, please fill out a recraft form and ship to the address below:

Greeley Hat Works
Attn: Renovations
2613 8th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

Not Sure Recraft Is What You Need?

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