We're setting the hat industry back 100 years

...and we're okay with that.

At Greeley Hat works, we prefer to use vintage tools that were built to last, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any major machinery that was built after 1950. We still do everything the old way, by hand. Instead of opting for new equipment that can make dozens of hats through fewer steps, we hire more people.

The Conformateur

The Greeley Experience all starts with the conformateur, an antique French tool created in the 19th century. A circular device that looks like a hat, the conformateur is placed on your head to determine the specific shape, subtle distinctions, and centerline measurement. It creates a pattern ⅙ the size of your head.

Next up, our hatmakers take the small paper pattern created by the conformateur and place it into the center of the formillion to emulate the true size of your head, which is then used to create the custom shape inside your hat. The formillion is also used to create custom cedar patterns that stay inside your hat when you’re not wearing it to maintain the shape.

The Formillion

Custom Specifications

After your head is measured and a custom shape is created, the fun part begins. Our hatmakers take your ideas and design and craft a hat to your exact specifications. From the height of the crown, to the width of the brim, from the color of the sweatband, to the color of the printing, the options are endless. This part is just as much fun for us as it is for you to create.

Our custom hats go through a process including creating a custom sweatband for your hat, flanging, blocking, tooling, sewing, and shaping. Once the hat body has been shaped to fit your head, and your custom crown height and brim width have been completed, the trim department takes over to build out the unique personal touches you’ve added to your custom hat.

Making the Hat

The Result

A custom-fit hat made specifically for you that forms to your head’s unique shape and size. When your hat fits perfectly, it becomes an extension of you. We call this #HATisfaction®.

The Process Explained